It is now over 20 years since I first gave a half hour radio broadcast on BBC Radio Humberside telling of the amazing story of these golfing relics being discovered in the city of Hull in 1898. Yet still today this story is told nowhere in Hull.
It has been my long ambition to see a replica set of clubs installed in Maister House along with story boards depicting their history. It is unbelievable that in a city which cries out for more visitors and continually talks about regenerating the High Street in the old town as a better visitor attract, no one will provide the miniscul amount of money required.
 The amazing thing is, that the general public love the story, throughout the Heritage weeks I told the story to hundreds of people from all over the country who were not only enthralled but could not understand why it was not being made more of.
A firm renovation plan was put in place by the Hull Civic Society to improving the poor lighting within the hallways, producing attractive display boards telling the story of the Maister Family, the House, and the discovery of the Golf Clubs. Additionally and most important is the provision of good exterior signage. Work is afoot also to provide more Maister family portraits two of which have been recently restored and hung in the upper gallery. They look splendid and already lift the whole look of the upper gallery.

  John Netherwood resigned as Chairman of the Civic Society after eight years in post. Steve Martin of Gelder & Kitchen retired. The Regional Properties manager of the National Trust moved posts, and  in April the new Chairman of the Civic Society announced that they were dropping the project to fund raise and install the golf clubs for City of Culture 2017

 The final blow came when it was anounced that

Gelder & Kitchen had gone into liquidation

and the doors to Maister House were

closed indefinitely.

I am a single individual with no organisation behind me and no authority to fund raise, so my options are distinctly limited.

Watch this space.