A brief summery of the four day event at Maister House,



 Hull Heritage Open Days - Maister House




The weeks events began with a launch evening in the Hull History Centre. It consisted of a briefing on the running of the week and seven presentations by selected speakers, of which I was fortunate to be one. It gave me a great opportunity to brief council official of the importance of the Troon Golf Clubs. The talk was well received and came as a surprise to most who attended. It also afforded me the chance to meet National Trust Officers and volunteers.

I had agreed to attend Maister House on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday from 1000-1200 daily to answer questions for visitors to the historic house.

 I arrived at Maister house on Thursday to find the ground floor in almost total darkness, the famous lantern at the top of the spectacular staircase had sprung a leak and the stairs were almost completely covered in scaffolding. With the top landing having boarding up all the normal natural light was blocked off. The National trust had done a great job of constructing a large display of photographs on the first floor landing and their volunteers bravely soldiered on amidst the building chaos. Unfortunately the top floor was closed to visitors.

The National Trust kindly set aside space on the ground floor for my display area and apart from low light levels was largely unaffected,

 Over the four days the numbers averaged around 25 per hour, so I believe about 200 visitors listened to my presentation. What was amazing and most heartening was that although only 2 regular golfers attended, every single person was, not only interested, but shocked they did not know about the clubs association with the city, and strongly encouraged me to continue to try to get a set of replicas to be displayed in the house. More than one person said I should have had a collection tin to get donations as they would have contributed. (I have not resorted to that yet).

Unfortunately despite good coverage in the Open Days Magazine there was no media coverage of Maister House. 

I have already emailed the editor of the Hull Daily Mail with a brief summery of the story of the golf clubs, and offered him the opportunity to see the replica iron and wood kindly loaned by Bob Gowland, before they are returned. I feel it is my best chance of attraction sponsorship is to get the backing of the local paper. If I can not get a sponsor for the complete set and display case, I think I will suggest that ten firms could each sponsor one club, a display case or display board. This would surely be affordable.

The good news is that Mike Noddings, Chairman of the local National Trust Committee has offered me his support and confirmed that I will be allowed to have the display case installed in Maister House should I be successful. In addition Steve Martin, the Administrative Partner of Gelder & Kitchen, who lease the property from the National Trust, has told me that their company will be more than happy to give access to the public to view the display.



     Mike Noddings - Philip Boulton - Steve Martin

 I must mention two people John Netherwood Chairman of the Hull Civic Society who is the driving force behind this outstanding week of events and Philip Haskins who is my greatest ally and tireless organiser of the event. 

At this time I am both deflated and encouraged. Whilst I appear to be no nearer finding a sponsor,  the enthusiasm of the general public, most of whom have no knowledge of golf, will spur me on for some time to come.  

Thank you to everyone who visited Maister House your interest and support is much appreciated. 


2013 Open Days to Follow